Q: Why can’t my order be shipped?

A: These cookies are fragile and temperature-sensitive and would most likely break during shipping.

Q: Do you deliver?

A: Customers pick up their custom-designed orders at my business location.  I do, however, make accommodations for large orders. Please inquire.

Q: Can I choose two different buttercream fillings for my cookie orders?

A: If I have existing buttercream filling currently made in a flavor you would also like, I can fill the cookies you have ordered with two (2) different buttercream fillings. Please ask!

Q: Can I order all three flavors of the Austrian Linzer Tarts for my order?

A: Yes. In any given order, you may choose one, two, or all three flavors of fillings.

Q: What if I have an allergy?

A: If you or someone you are ordering for has an allergy, please contact me and I will provide an ingredient list via email or verbally by phone before you place your order. I also label the cookie boxes with an ingredient label on the back panel.

Q: Can any of your cookies safely be packaged as favors?

A: The only cookies I would recommend packaging as favors are the following: Biscotti, English Tea Cookies, and French Macarons.

Q: Why are only personal or company checks accepted as payment?

A: I own and operate a very small business so the capacity for accepting credit cards is not feasible. I have found that accepting cash as a form of payment is difficult due to my inability to make “exact change”. Checks provide a way to track orders as well as receive correct payment.

Q: How far in advance do I need to place my order?

A: Because every order is custom made upon placement of your order, it is best to secure your cookie order as far in advance as possible. Based on the quantity ordered, I recommend a few weeks to a few months advance placement of your cookie order to be sure you receive your cookies in time for your event. Although I do my best to accommodate all customers, there may be occasions where I cannot fulfill an order due to either the size of the order or date it is needed, depending on my current booking schedule.

Q: Are any of your cookies gluten-free?

A: Yes. The French Macarons and Amaretti cookies are gluten free.

Q: Can I order cookies without food safe colorings?

A: Yes. Options can be discussed depending on the cookie in question.

Q: What if I have an allergy to eggs?

A: The Buttercream Coins, French Sablés, and all English Tea Cookies except Victorian Lavender are egg-free.

Q: Would you deliver outside the Lehigh Valley region for larger events?

A: I would work with the customer to find a solution for delivery of the cookies to the event destination.

Q: Can I order a dozen French Macarons in two (2) different colors?

A: Unfortunately, one batch of batter for the shells produces twelve (12) sandwiched cookies. Due to the complex nature of the batter, I do not have the ability to “split” the batter to produce two (2) different colors for a dozen quantity, without compromising the end result. This cookie is the most difficult to produce and is very “tempermental” in its baking process.

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